Workhaus Projects Ltd: Olympia 2018 VR

Workhaus Projects Ltd, one of the countries leading museum display manufacturers, were showing their work at the Museum and Heritage Exhibition 2018, at Olympia, London. They asked MiMuM Productions to create a real-time VR 'augmentation' of their stand to enhance the display of their products at Olympia. Its aim was to use the power of VR to provide an accurate experience of the potential of new Workhaus designs and prototypes to clients.

This project also reveals the potential of VR in museums. It allows the visitor to travel, at will, back and forth through time and space between the exhibits in the world of the museum and the world where the artefacts displayed in the VR cabinet originated (in this case Ancient Egypt).

These accurate, photogrammetry based models also allow the impossible to now happen in a museum - the visitor is able to experience the sensation of reaching into a display cabinet, picking up a precious, irreplacable object and examining it closely. This gives the public the experience of handling artefacts as a museum curator.