Egyptian Tomb : A VR Museum and Educational Experience Coming 2019

In collaboration with an acclaimed Egyptologist and with access to artefacts from several Yorkshire museums MiMuM Productions created this VR recreation of an Egyptian tomb located in the Valley of the Kings.

Using Photogrammetry the viewer explores by torchlight an Egyptian tomb as if discovering it for the first time, where accurately modelled artefacts that can be picked up and examined. The project is in developement for completion in 2019. The full version will include text and voice-over narration and be a cross platform educational experience.

The design and content can be adapted easily to accomodate audiences of different age groups and the location of the presentation. It can range from a five minute museum experience to a piece of software that schools and collages can use for longer periods of time, offering the potential to incorporate much more detailed historical information. The experience will also, of course, be designed with the aim of not only learning about the past but having FUN while doing so!